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Maxopentech is in charge of the creativity, technical and graphic designs, and the creation of exhibition stands, providing appropriate packing and shipping of the materials, as well as assembly and disassembly.
Inspired by innovative concepts, Maxopentech team is capable of meeting its clients’ desires and expectations. It provides a precise and accurate visual immage of the future product through 3D technology in a timely fashion. Through the collaboration with prestigious partners, Maxopantech looks over the entire process of creating the stand – from the design to the shipment of the product.

The stand will be created in our facilities which provide the space for the clients to inspect the work in progress. In addition, at Maxopentech we will insure that the stand is created in its entirety, will follow up with the clients’ project coordinators or managers, will present the designs, advise on potential risks, and explain directions on how to utilize the product. A team member will always be available to insure the appropriate handling of the product regardless of the location. Maxopentech will provide its warehouse to offer secure storage for the stands, as well as their shipment to their final destination as requested by the clients.


Maxopentech is responsible for:

  • Creativity – it strives to inspire clients through innovative concepts.
  • Graphic design through 3D technologies.
  • Creation of the stand.
  • Logistics and Distribution – global distribution of materials created and produced by Maxopantech.
  • Assembly and disassembly of product.